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Tuareg mat / rag / carpet from handwoven from straw Niger West Africa

Welcome to the captivating world of Tuareg mats!

Immerse yourself in African heritage with our handwoven vintage rugs. Each Tuareg mat is a masterpiece, carefully crafted by skilled artisans using natural straw and reed. These unique mats bring the spirit of African nomadic traditions to your home, echoing the enchantment of desert tents and the grace of palm trees.

Adorned with intricate symbols inspired by Berber culture, our Tuareg mats are more than just floor coverings – they are a window into a rich history. Whether used as a mat, rug or as carpet, the earthy tones and leather accents add an authentic touch to any room.

Discover the magic of African craftsmanship with our Tuareg mats and create a truly remarkable space that reflects your unique style.

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