Collection: Weaving loom Tools

Introducing our exquisite collection of Ghanaian handwoven Kente Weaving Tools.

In the intricate art of Kente cloth weaving from Ghana, both the reed and the shuttle play crucial roles in creating exquisite textiles. The reed, a comb-like tool consisting of horizontal wooden strips, serves a specific purpose. Positioned in front of the woven fabric, it acts as a guide and a mechanism to maintain the evenness and tightness of the weave. The weaver uses the reed to beat or push each weft thread tightly against the previous rows, ensuring a firm and uniform texture in the final cloth.

The shuttle, on the other hand, holds equal importance. It is a boat-shaped tool designed to carry the weft thread back and forth through the shed created by the shedding device. By swiftly passing the shuttle through the shed, the weaver creates the foundation of the cloth, interlacing the weft threads with the warp threads. The shape of the shuttle allows for easy maneuvering, ensuring a smooth and efficient weaving process.

Together, the reed and the shuttle form a harmonious partnership, enabling Ghanaian weavers to create the intricate patterns and vibrant colors that make Kente cloth from Ghana so distinctive and culturally significant.

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