About our Archives

Welcome to our photographic archives pages, where you can explore and admire the photos of the artifacts that we have sold and collected in the last 25 years. These items include trade beads, African jewelry, African hand-painted movie posters, kente cloths, Tuareg art, Asafo war flags, Adinkra, goldweights, and more. They are all authentic and unique pieces of ethnic art and culture that reflect the history, diversity, and beauty of Africa and beyond.

Our photographic archives pages are divided into different categories, each containing a selection of high-quality photos and descriptions of the items. You can browse through the categories and see the amazing variety and richness of these items, as well as their distinctive features and stories. You can also learn more about the origin, production, and meaning of these items, as well as their value and significance in the market and society.

Our photographic archives pages are not complete yet, as we are still working on adding more photos and categories to them. We plan to update them regularly and make them as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

Our photographic archives pages are a testament to our passion and expertise in ethnic art, trade beads, and African artifacts. They are also a gift to you, our visitors and customers, who can enjoy and appreciate our photos and items. We hope you have fun and satisfaction with our photographic archives pages. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.

Please note: You are welcome to use any of the photographs on this website for your personal or commercial projects, as long as you credit us as the original source and provide a link back to our website. This way, you can show your appreciation and support for our work, and help us reach more people who might be interested in our photographs. However, before using any of our photographs, you need to contact us and ask for our permission. Please do not modify, sell, or redistribute these photographs without our permission. Thank you for your cooperation and respect.