Fair Trade

Here at TribalGH, we believe in the idea of fair trade and truly offering our customers the best products on the market. Nowadays, Fair Trade is more than just a commerce model. Over the years, it has become an incredible social movement, which is very helpful. Our company is focused on Fair Trade and on making sure that producers from all over the world, especially from Africa, receive all the help and support that they need, as well as the utmost assistance.

We are firm believers that being a part of the Fair Trade movement is great for our world, society, and also for those people that are working very hard to showcase their craft. That’s why all our products, from African textiles, handmade beads, African artifacts and Tuareg Art, among many others, are created using the fair trade principles.

What are the benefits of fair trade?

No forced or child labor

We know that in some regions child labor and forced labor are very common. By using the idea of fair trade, our focus is to eliminate things like child or forced labor. We want to ensure that kids live their life the way they should, by playing games and learning new things, not being forced to work. That’s why we guarantee our products are not made with any child labor, which is an extremely important aspect to take into consideration.

Paying a fair price

Each one of the trade beads, African art, African textiles and other products we sell are acquired at a fair price. We remove middlemen from the equation, and at the same time we ensure that African artisans always have the best possible and fairest solutions and services. You can rely on us to offer the ultimate quality and the benefits can indeed be second to none.

Focusing on non discrimination and gender equality

We believe that with help from fair trade, it’s much easier to support and appreciate everyone, while allowing non discrimination and gender equality. Our company has more than 50% female workers, and we always focus on gender equality and non discrimination. We always think that with the right approach and focus, nothing is impossible. All you have to do is to commit to excellence and never give up. In doing so, nothing can stand in your way in the long run. Plus, by empowering all genders and offering them a fair approach, everyone wins.

Supporting artisans the right way and bringing in great business opportunities

We believe that artisans are the true creatives in the world and they deserve all the possible support that we can provide. That’s why we are using fair price practices to ensure that they are properly paid, that they have great working conditions and they can support their families the right way. We make it easy for artisans to have complete control over their pricing, and in the end the value can be extremely impressive all the time. That’s what makes it unique and different all the time.

Many artisans from Africa are dealing with a disadvantage due to their location. We are here to eliminate that. We want to offer artisans a fair price, while making sure they get to grow their business, while also being appreciated for their hard work.

Making sure artisans have great working conditions

In order for artisans to deliver their best work, they need to have proper working conditions. That’s why we are always committed to excellence and professionalism, and we guarantee that we work very hard to support and promote healthy, suitable working conditions for artisans. This way they are happy and provide great results for our customers, and we also get to make a difference in the world too. That alone makes a huge difference in the long term.

Promoting the idea of fair trade

We believe that artisans are great, innovative, creative and they are always pushing the limits in a creative manner. They have what it takes to really push the limits and bring in something unique and different. We are always committed to bringing in the right results, and with our focus on value and protecting artisans and using fair trade, things are easier and better for everyone. Artisans get paid fairly, and our customers know all the hard work of those artisans is fully appreciated and properly reimbursed.

Protecting the environment

One of the core advantages of fair trade is the fact that it helps protect the environment. Handmade workshops are always helping the environment, they are not damaging it as much as other shops. In general, artisans use vegetable based dyes, and they stay away from using synthetic compounds. Instead, they focus on using natural stuff, which really makes a huge difference. We are always supporting this idea, and we always focus on the idea of revaluing and reusing materials.

Boosting the idea of capacity building

Our team is always committed to establishing long term relationships with artisans. Whether we talk about artisans that create beaded handmade jewelry, African art, items with Adinkra Symbols and many others, our focus is to always bring in the ultimate value and quality at the best prices on the market, while also focusing on fair trade as well. Additionally, we help with access to microfinance. This way we remove middlemen and we provide artisans and entrepreneurs a way to finance their work without dealing with any issues.

Accountability and transparency

We always want to ensure that our customers receive the best results and value for their money. At the same time, we also want to be certain that our artisans can focus on their creativity without being taken advantage of. By using notions like accountability and transparency, we are looking to change the business landscape. We believe that every artisan needs a fair chance to thrive and show their expertise, and that’s the thing to pursue the most here.


As you can see, we pay a lot of attention to fair trade and making sure that it’s implemented correctly. By implementing the right fair trade ideas, our focus is to eliminate concerns, pushing the boundaries and always bringing in the right solutions. Nothing is impossible if you do it right, and that’s why our commitment is to always using fair price as the means to respect artisans, appreciate their work, and helping them thrive in their industry.