Collection: Handmade Jewelry - Beaded Necklaces / Bracelets & other

Explore our specially curated categories of handmade jewelry, each telling a unique story.

1. Ready to wear beaded jewelry: Ready to wear and steeped in history, our beaded pieces feature antique beads alongside newly made recycled glass and brass beads, all handcrafted in Ghana. The traditional lost wax technique adds a touch of authenticity and connects you to the rich Ghanaian culture.

2. Vintage Tuareg Silver Jewelry: Step into the mystique of the desert with our collection of vintage Tuareg silver rings, pendants, and hair ornaments. These timeless pieces echo the elegance and tradition of nomadic civilization.

3. Adinkra Symbols Jewelry: Embrace the wisdom of Ghana with our new jewelry adorned with Adinkra symbols. These meaningful designs embody important cultural values, offering you more than just an accessory, but a symbol of identity and heritage.

Experience a world of beauty and heritage through our meticulously crafted pieces. Your choice is not merely an adornment but a piece of history, a work of art, and a symbol of values.

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