Collection: New African Recycled Glass Beads

In the heart of Ghana, the age-old artistry of African bead-making is kept alive through stunning Krobo beads. Reflecting an unwavering commitment to sustainability and tradition, these African glass beads come in four distinctive types, each a testament to the craft's ingenuity.

Firstly, there are the powder glass beads, finely ground, and sculpted into different shapes. This technique pays homage to traditional methods while also opening doors to innovative designs.

Next, recycled glass fragment beads come to life, born from the remnants of older beads, melded together to breathe new existence. These beads echo stories of their past, holding within them the spirit of continuity.

The third type, the recycled seed beads, is a marvel. These tiny seed beads, once considered too small for certain uses, are reborn as larger, bolder entities, highlighting the infinite potential of recycling.

Lastly, the beads crafted with the writing technique are particularly distinctive. This approach adorns each bead's surface with elaborate patterns, symbols, or even words. Through a series of meticulous steps – from preparation and inscription with carefully crafted tools to the final firing and potential coloring – these beads evolve into canvases of cultural narratives and aesthetics. Inspired by Venetian glass trade bead designs, these Krobo creations weave tales of African trade heritage, elevating each bead from merely an accessory to a profound statement.

String these African glass beads on raffia, and they come alive, narrating tales of the past, the environment, and the rich tapestry of Ghanaian culture. Through these recycled Krobo beads, art meets sustainability, and tradition dances with innovation.

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