Collection: New African Beads

Step into our carefully curated collection of African-made beads, where each piece weaves a story of the continent's extraordinary artistry and heritage. Immerse yourself in the textures of handcrafted Krobo recycled glass beads from Ghana, thoughtfully strung on raffia, with every bead capturing the essence of sustainable craftsmanship.

Go deeper to uncover lively mixed strands, reflecting the varied shades and shapes of Africa's landscapes and cultures. These mixed strands can be crafted from recycled glass beads alone or feature an intricate combination of glass and brass beads, offering a harmonious blend of materials.

Our meticulously crafted African brass beads, formed using the traditional lost wax method, honor the abiding lost wax legacy of West Africa. Experience the wonder of the Kiffa beads from Mauritania, meticulously hand-painted with precision and fervor. Every bead and strand invites you to embark on a journey waiting to be embraced.

Furthermore, our collection extends to beads crafted from authentic African materials like clay and bone, providing a genuine connection to the heart of Africa. Take the step and revel in the richness of Africa's artistic heritage.

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