Collection: African Brass Beads

Welcome to our captivating collection of African brass beads, where tradition and artistry intertwine. Handcrafted using the ancient lost wax technique, each bead carries a story of its own. This time-honored method, cherished for centuries, involves a meticulous process of sculpting a wax model, encasing it in clay, and melting away the wax to create a mold for molten brass.

From the heart of Ghana, specifically Kumasi, our brass/bronze beads embrace the essence of this vibrant cultural hub. Inspired by the rich heritage of Ashanti craftsmanship, these brass beads radiate warmth and authenticity. Their intricate patterns and golden hues reflect the artistic prowess of local artisans, preserving the legacy of their ancestors.

Whether you're an experienced jewelry designer or a passionate DIY enthusiast, these metal beads offer endless possibilities.

Embrace the beauty and cultural significance of our African brass beads. Shop now and immerse yourself in the beauty of brass beads that truly stand the test of time.

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