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Handcrafted African Brass Beads Strand, 21" - TribalGH

Handcrafted African Brass Beads Strand, 21" - TribalGH

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Discover the enchanting allure of handcrafted African brass beads, meticulously created by the skilled artisans of the Ashanti region in Ghana, West Africa. Utilizing the ancient "Lost Wax" technique, each bead emerges from a unique mold that is destroyed post-casting, ensuring every piece is a singular work of art.

Strand Length: Approximately 21 inches (53 cm) from bead to bead.

Bead Size: Each bead measures between 26-27 mm in length and 10-11 mm in diameter.

These brass beads are 100% handmade, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and artisanal ingenuity of Ghana. YOUR STRAND WILL BE IDENTICAL TO THE STRAND SHOWN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH (GIVEN NORMAL VARIATION SINCE THESE BEADS ARE ALL COMPLETELY HANDMADE).

The "Lost Wax" technique is not just a method; it's a testament to the craftsmanship and historical legacy of Ghanaian artisans. Each bead's creation starts with a hand-carved wax model, which is then encased in clay. As the mold is heated, the wax melts away, leaving a cavity into which molten brass is poured. Once solidified, the mold is broken, revealing a unique, lustrous bead.

By purchasing these beads, you are not only acquiring a piece of authentic African craftsmanship but also supporting the sustainable practices of the Ashanti artisans.

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