Collection: Trade Beads - Antique

Dive deep into the tapestry of history with our collection of old African trade beads, a testament to the vibrant trade and cultural exchanges of West Africa. Found in this region, these beads were more than just ornaments; they were a universal currency, bridging societies across continents.

Our meticulously curated categories feature antique Venetian wound glass beads, renowned for their craftsmanship, the vividly patterned old Millefiori beadsand Chevron beads, known for their unique star-like patterns.Not to forget, the exquisite old Bohemian Czech glass beads that highlight European interactions with Africa.

For connoisseurs, our selection is enriched with rare finds of authentic African-made antique glass beads like Akoso, Bodom, and Kiffa beads. Each bead in our collection is not just a piece of art but also a relic from the past, echoing tales of commerce, craftsmanship, and connections.

While they once symbolized trade and were unfortunately entwined with the history of the slave trade, today they embody cultural significance, artistry, and a story of resilience and evolution. Own them, treasure them, and let each bead weave its tale of a world long gone yet deeply connected to our own.

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