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Adinkra Ashanti Ghana stamping block cloth textile fabric

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Authentic Adinkra stamping block used in Ghana for the stamping of Adinkra cloths.

The height of the stamp including the handle is 3 3/4" ( 95 mm ).

The size of the actual stamping motive is 2 13/16" ( 72 mm ) x 2 13/16" ( 72 mm ).

The block is in very good condition.

This symbol is the  KUNTINKANTAN  ( Do not boast ) there is a need for humility and service.

For each additional Adinkra block FREE SHIPPING.

The stamping blocks are carved from Calabash.

The natural dye is made from the bark of the "badie" tree that is heated with iron slag for 3 to 5 days until is thick.

The artist used different stamping blocks ( Adinkra symbols ) to give his design.

A Legend in Ghana says that ADINKRA ( Nana Kofi Adinkra ) was a famous king of GYAMAN ( Now Ivory Coast ) that entered into war with Asantahene BONSU-PANYIN ( Ashanti King ) Adinkra was defeated and captured in a battle.

The tradition had it that Nana Adinkra wore patterned cloth, which was interpreted as a way of expressing his sorrow on being taken to Kumasi the capital of Asante.