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Dragon Tiger Gate - Original Hand-Painted Ghanaian Martial Arts Movie Poster

Dragon Tiger Gate - Original Hand-Painted Ghanaian Martial Arts Movie Poster

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Authentic Hand-Painted "DRAGON TIGER GATE" Movie Poster from Ghana

Experience the vibrant tradition of African cinema with this unique, hand-painted movie poster for DRAGON TIGER GATE, crafted by the renowned Ghanaian artist "E ETESINY" for the 007 Video Club. Originating from the heart of West Africa, this martial arts-themed poster is a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of Ghanaian art. Painted on recycled canvas from used flour sacks, it reflects a history of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Size: 51 1/4" x 44 1/2" (130 cm x 113 cm)

Condition: Good, with slight signs of wear, including minor paint loss, small holes, and other age-related marks. Please see photos for details.

This piece not only adds a touch of African artistry to your collection but also holds a slice of cinema history, having been displayed in various settings from open-air viewings to intimate social clubs across Ghana. It's a collector's gem, bearing the marks of its journey and the creative spirit of its maker.

This vibrant, hand-painted movie poster for "Dragon Tiger Gate" captures the intense action and martial arts prowess displayed in the 2006 Hong Kong film. Created on recycled flour sacks, this artwork vividly portrays the dynamic scenes and characters, embodying the unique Ghanaian tradition of movie poster painting.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a remarkable expression of African art, originating in the 1980s with the mobile cinema business in Ghana. Local artists utilized recycled materials to create these posters, making each piece a unique artifact of cinematic history. These posters not only served as advertisements but also as captivating works of art, often including imaginative interpretations of the movies. The tradition highlights the creativity, resourcefulness, and artistic freedom of Ghanaian artists, making these posters highly collectible and celebrated worldwide.

Film Information

  • Title: Dragon Tiger Gate
  • Director: Wilson Yip
  • Stars: Donnie Yen (Dragon Wong), Nicholas Tse (Tiger Wong), Shawn Yue (Turbo Shek), Dong Jie (Ma Xiaoling), and others.
  • Plot: The film revolves around Dragon Tiger Gate, a martial arts academy founded to combat the threat of the Triad. It follows the journey of Dragon and Tiger, two half-brothers unaware of their relation, and their fight against the evil Luocha Cult led by Shibumi. Together with Turbo Shek, they embark on a quest to uphold justice and protect their loved ones.

"Dragon Tiger Gate" (2006), directed by Wilson Yip and starring Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, and Shawn Yue, is a martial arts action film based on the manhua "Oriental Heroes". The story highlights themes of brotherhood, loyalty, and the fight against evil as it follows the protagonists' journey to dismantle a drug trafficking organization. With stunning martial arts choreography by Donnie Yen, the film is a thrilling representation of action cinema​.

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