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New Killers in Town - Authentic Ghana Hand-Painted Movie Poster 61"x42"

New Killers in Town - Authentic Ghana Hand-Painted Movie Poster 61"x42"

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Authentic Hand-Painted "New Killers in Town" Movie Poster from Ghana

Discover the vibrant world of African cinema with this authentic, hand-painted movie poster for "New Killers in Town". Crafted with passion by the renowned Ghanaian artist "LEONARDO" for ZAAP Video, this unique piece embodies the spirit and dynamism of Ghanaian artistry. Ideal for collectors and aficionados of unique cinematic history, it stands as a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of West Africa.

Size: 61" x 42" (155 cm x 106 cm)

Condition: This poster is in good condition, showcasing the natural wear and history of its journey. Though it bears some damages, repairs, and signs of wear like small-sized holes and areas where the paint has faded, these imperfections only add to its authenticity and charm. Please refer to the photos for a closer look.

This vibrant, hand-painted movie poster captures the essence of the 1990 Hong Kong film "New Killers in Town." Crafted on recycled flour sacks, it reflects the action-packed narrative and the martial arts prowess of its characters, showcasing the unique talent of Ghanaian artists.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a captivating form of African art, developed to advertise mobile cinema screenings across Ghana. Utilizing bold colors and exaggerated features, each poster is a unique creation that embodies the creativity and resourcefulness of local artists. These posters, painted on recycled flour sacks, not only serve as promotional material but also as unique pieces of art that have garnered international recognition and are highly collectible.

Film Information

"New Killers in Town" (1990)

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts
  • Director: Lau Kar-Yung
  • Cast: Cheung Kwok-Leung, Chin Siu-Ho, Liu Chia-Liang, Moon Lee, among others.
  • Plot: The film follows Wu Shu experts from Mainland China who get involved in a conflict with gangsters in Hong Kong, leading to an intense showdown.

Directed by Lau Kar-Yung, "New Killers in Town" is a martial arts action film that showcases the journey of Wu Shu experts navigating challenges in Hong Kong. The film is known for its dynamic action sequences and a plot that combines drama with martial arts excellence.

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