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Antique African Trade Beads: Rare Banded Millefiori Venetian Mosaic Beads

Antique African Trade Beads: Rare Banded Millefiori Venetian Mosaic Beads

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Beautiful matching pair of rare OLD round BANDED millefiori Venetian mosaic glass trade beads.

The beads are in excellent condition (see photos).

  • Size: 13 mm X 10 - 11 mm
  • Condition: Excellent

These stunning millefiori Venetian mosaic glass trade beads were used in the African trade during the early 1900s. The intricate mosaic patterns and vibrant colors make them a prized possession for collectors and jewelry designers alike.

The term "millefiori" translates to "a thousand flowers" in Italian, which perfectly describes the beautiful floral designs in each bead. Created using a technique developed in Venice, these beads were painstakingly crafted by layering glass canes and then slicing them to reveal the intricate patterns. This method, known as mosaic glasswork, has been a hallmark of Venetian artistry for centuries.

Trade beads like these played a significant role in the economies of Ghana and other parts of Africa. They were often used as a form of currency and were highly valued for their beauty and craftsmanship. Collecting these beads not only offers a glimpse into the rich history of trade in Africa but also showcases the exceptional skill of Venetian glassmakers.

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