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MISSION DYNAMO - Authentic Hand-Painted Ghanaian Movie Poster

MISSION DYNAMO - Authentic Hand-Painted Ghanaian Movie Poster

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MISSION DYNAMO: Authentic Ghanaian Hand-Painted Movie Poster

Poster Details

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of African art with this unique, hand-painted movie poster for MISSION DYNAMO, crafted by the talented artist "Leonardo" for ZAAP Video club in Ghana, West Africa. This piece embodies the distinctive artistic tradition that emerged with the advent of mobile cinema in Ghana during the 1980s, where artists used their creative freedom to depict cinematic stories on recycled canvas, making each poster a unique piece of art.

Dimensions: Art size 61 3/4" x 42 3/4" (157 cm x 108 cm).

Condition: The poster is in average condition, with signs of wear and repairs, indicative of its rich history and journey. Some areas show paint loss, attesting to its authentic use and display in various environments.

Each poster tells its own story, not just of the movie it represents, but of the artist's vision and the cultural heritage of Ghanaian mobile cinema. Owning a piece like this not only enriches your collection but preserves a piece of cinematic and artistic history.

This captivating hand-painted movie poster of "MISSION DYNAMO" vividly encapsulates the essence of the 1989 action-war film. With bold strokes and dynamic colors, the artwork on recycled flour sacks brings the movie's intense jungle warfare scenes and character dilemmas to life, showcasing the unique artistry of Ghanaian cinema promotion.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a distinctive form of African art, originating from the need to advertise mobile cinema events in Ghana. Artists creatively interpret films on recycled canvas, making each poster an exclusive artwork. This practice, while serving a promotional purpose, also highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of local artists, reflecting a rich cultural heritage and the historical evolution of cinema in Ghana.

Film Information


  • Genre: Action, War
  • Director: Lee Chiu
  • Writer: Alton Cheung
  • Plot: Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam war, the film follows the plight of South Vietnamese forces and American soldiers battling terrorists led by Torosky. Disillusioned by the war, squad leader Merlin and PFC Bill decide to desert, only to find that escape offers no respite from the dangers of the jungle and the relentless pursuit by Torosky.

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