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Cinema movie poster African hand painting Ghana BEYOND SHERWOOD FOREST

Cinema movie poster African hand painting Ghana BEYOND SHERWOOD FOREST

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Authentic Hand-Painted "Beyond Sherwood Forest" Movie Poster from Ghana

Poster Details

Discover a masterpiece of African art with this authentic, hand-painted movie poster for "Beyond Sherwood Forest," crafted by the talented Leonardo for ZAAP Video in Ghana, West Africa. This unique piece is painted on recycled canvas, echoing the traditional methods of Ghanaian artists who use oil paint on used cotton flour sacks, bringing vibrancy and life to their creations.

Size: Art dimensions 57" x 41" (145 cm x 104 cm).

Condition: The poster is in average condition, showcasing its journey and the story of its "hard" life. It bears signs of damage, repairs, small-size holes, and areas where the paint has worn away, evidencing its authentic use and display under various conditions.

This rare piece of art was part of the mobile cinema phenomenon in Ghana, making it not only a collectible item but also a piece of cinema history. Each poster is a unique expression of the artist’s vision, often embellishing or altering scenes to captivate and attract viewers. Own a piece of this vibrant tradition that has been exhibited in museums worldwide and celebrated for its cultural and artistic significance.

Please refer to the photos for a closer look at this artwork's condition and details.

This Ghanaian hand-painted movie poster for "Beyond Sherwood Forest" showcases the vibrant and dynamic artistry typical of these unique pieces. Painted on recycled flour sacks, it captures the essence of the film with bold colors and imaginative interpretations, making it a collectible piece of art.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a significant cultural artifact, originating in the 1980s as part of a mobile cinema culture in Ghana. Local artists, using recycled flour sacks as their canvas, created these posters to advertise film showings throughout the country. Each poster is a unique piece of art, often featuring imaginative and exaggerated interpretations of the films. This tradition has gained international recognition, with these posters being exhibited in museums worldwide and becoming highly collectible items.

Film Information

"Beyond Sherwood Forest" (2009)

  • Director: Peter DeLuise
  • Cast: Robin Dunne, Erica Durance, Julian Sands, Katharine Isabelle, among others.
  • Plot: The story is set in England, 1174, where the outlaw Robin Hood battles a cursed girl who can transform into a dragon, amidst the backdrop of King Richard's absence and Prince John's rule. This unique twist adds a fantastical element to the Robin Hood legend.

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