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Fire Phoenix: Authentic Ghanaian Hand-Painted Movie Poster

Fire Phoenix: Authentic Ghanaian Hand-Painted Movie Poster

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FIRE PHOENIX - A Pinnacle of Ghanaian Artistry

Poster Details

Embrace the vibrant essence of African cinema with the FIRE PHOENIX hand-painted movie poster. Crafted with passion by the renowned artist Leonardo for ZAAP Video Club, this piece is a testament to the unique art form originating from Ghana, West Africa.

Dimensions: 57 1/2" x 40" (146 cm x 101 cm).

Condition: This artifact stands in good condition, bearing signs of its adventurous past and a few repairs, eloquently narrating the story of its journey. Please refer to the accompanying photos for a closer look.

Historically, these posters served as the vibrant beacon for the mobile cinema business in Ghana, hand-painted on recycled canvas. Leonardo’s work on FIRE PHOENIX captures not just the essence of the film but also embodies the spirit of creativity and freedom that defines this unique genre of art. Each stroke tells a story, each color a breath of life, making it not just a piece of decoration but a slice of history.

Owning this piece is not just an acquisition; it's a homage to the tradition, creativity, and resilience of African artistry.

This vibrant hand-painted poster captures the essence of "Fire Phoenix," a movie that blends action, comedy, and thriller elements into a captivating narrative. The artwork vividly portrays the tension and excitement of the movie, using bold colors and dynamic compositions typical of Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters, making it a collector's delight.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are not just advertisements but a unique form of art created on recycled flour sacks. This tradition began in the 1980s with the mobile cinema business in Ghana. Local artists, having the freedom to interpret movies in their own creative ways, produced these posters to attract audiences. Each poster is a unique artwork, reflecting the artist's personal vision and style, often adding or altering scenes for visual impact. The durability and practicality of using flour sacks as canvas underscore the resourcefulness and creativity of Ghanaian artists. These posters now serve as highly collectible items, celebrated worldwide for their artistic value and cultural significance​.

Film Information

"Fire Phoenix" (1990)

  • Director: Tony Lou Chun-Ku
  • Stars: Alex Man, Sibelle Hu, Francis Ng, and others.
  • Plot: The movie follows a man who accidentally witnesses a mob hit and finds himself on the run from mercenaries after a $1 million bounty is placed on his head. It's a thrilling chase that leads him from the city to a remote island, mixing action, thrills, and comedy.

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