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WOLFHOUND: Action Unleashed - Authentic Ghana Hand-Painted Poster

WOLFHOUND: Action Unleashed - Authentic Ghana Hand-Painted Poster

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Authentic Hand-Painted "WOLFHOUND" Movie Poster from Ghana

Discover the vibrancy of African cinema through this unique, hand-painted movie poster for the film "WOLFHOUND." Crafted with skill by artist Leonardo for ZAAP Video Club, this piece embodies the rich tradition of Ghanaian poster art. Made on recycled canvas, this artwork captures the essence of action and adventure portrayed in "WOLFHOUND."

Size: 55" x 41" (140 cm x 104 cm)

Condition: This poster is in average condition, showcasing the authentic wear and tear of its journey, including some damages, repairs, and signs of wear in the artwork.

Each stroke and imperfection tells a story, making it a collectible piece of authentic African art.

Poster Details

This hand-painted movie poster for "Wolfhound" (2006) vividly brings to life the epic fantasy world of the film. Capturing the intense adventure and mythical elements, the poster features the central character, Wolfhound, surrounded by the dark and mystical forces he battles against. The use of rich, vibrant colors and dynamic compositions embodies the spirit of Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters, making it a unique piece of art.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a distinctive art form that emerged from the mobile cinema culture in Ghana. Artists create these posters on recycled flour sacks, portraying cinematic themes with a unique local interpretation. These posters, celebrated for their creativity, boldness, and vibrant use of color, not only serve as advertisements but also as fascinating cultural artifacts that reflect the ingenuity and artistic talent of Ghanaian artists.

Film Information

Wolfhound (2006)

  • Director: Nikolay Lebedev
  • Main Cast: Aleksandr Bukharov, Oksana Akinshina, Igor Petrenko, Eugenia Tudorascu
  • Plot: After surviving the annihilation of his tribe and years of enslavement, Wolfhound becomes a fearsome warrior seeking vengeance. His journey leads him to protect a princess, unveiling a plot that threatens the world.

"Wolfhound" is a Russian fantasy film that delves into Slavic, Celtic, and Norse mythologies. The story, based on the novel by Maria Semyonova, unfolds in a richly constructed world, featuring a blend of magic, ancient lore, and heroic quests. With a significant budget for a Russian film, it showcases elaborate production design, special effects, and action sequences, making it a noteworthy entry in the fantasy genre.

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