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CYBORG COP 2 movie poster- Authentic Ghana Hand-Painted Art

CYBORG COP 2 movie poster- Authentic Ghana Hand-Painted Art

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CYBORG COP 2 - Authentic Hand-Painted Movie Poster

Discover the unique charm of CYBORG COP 2, an authentic hand-painted movie poster from the vibrant art scene of Ghana, West Africa. Crafted with passion by Leonardo for ZAAP Video Club, this piece embodies the rich tradition of Ghanaian cinema art.

Size: 59" x 42" (150 cm x 106 cm)

Condition: This original artwork arrives in below-average condition, bearing the marks of its journey. Expect some damage, repairs, small holes, paint loss, and signs of wear, each flaw narrating part of its storied history. For a closer look, please refer to the photos provided.

Embrace the unique opportunity to own a piece of African cinematic history, once used to draw crowds to the mobile cinemas of Ghana. CYBORG COP 2 is not just a poster but a testament to the creativity and resilience of Ghanaian artists.

This Ghanaian hand-painted movie poster captures the intense action and sci-fi thrill of "Cyborg Cop 2", showcasing the unique and vibrant artistry found in Ghana's poster art tradition. The artwork, painted on recycled flour sacks, brings to life the film's dynamic characters and futuristic setting with bold colors and exaggerated features, embodying the unique style of Ghanaian movie posters.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a fascinating form of African art, emerging in the 1980s to advertise mobile cinema screenings across Ghana. Crafted on used flour sacks, these posters were made by talented local artists who had the creative freedom to interpret movies in their own artistic vision. This art form reflects the resourcefulness and creativity of Ghanaian artists, making each poster a unique piece of art that has garnered international attention and is highly collectible. The tradition underscores the cultural importance of cinema in Ghana, where these posters were once a vital part of the mobile cinema experience, attracting audiences to screenings under the stars.

Film Information

Cyborg Cop 2 (1994)

  • Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
  • Director: Sam Firstenberg
  • Cast: David Bradley, Morgan Hunter, Jill Pierce, Victor Melleney
  • Plot: A renegade DEA agent attempts to take down a crime boss who is turned into a cyborg by government agents. The film dives into themes of technology gone awry and the quest for justice in a world where humans and machines collide.

"Cyborg Cop 2" is a direct-to-video American action film from 1994, directed by Sam Firstenberg and starring David Bradley among others. The film follows the story of DEA agent Jack Ryan who faces off against Jesse Starkraven, a crime boss turned into a cyborg, named Spartacus, by the "Anti-Terrorism Group". With a mix of action and sci-fi elements, the movie explores the confrontation between the lone hero and a new form of technological terror.

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