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Authentic SURE FIRE Martial Art Ghana Hand-Painted Movie Poster

Authentic SURE FIRE Martial Art Ghana Hand-Painted Movie Poster

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SURE FIRE (Tiger Cage) - Authentic Hand-Painted Movie Poster from Ghana

Discover the vibrant essence of African cinema with this unique, hand-painted movie poster for the film SURE FIRE. Created in the heart of Ghana, West Africa, by the renowned artist collective "ARMAHSCO", this piece embodies the martial arts genre with a distinct Ghanaian flair.

Size: 62 1/2" x 41 1/2" (159 cm x 105 cm)

Condition: In average condition, with some damages, repairs, few small size holes, in many places the paint is off and wear in the artwork due to usage.

This piece, painted on recycled canvas (used flour sacks), showcases the ingenuity and creativity of Ghanaian artists. It comes in average condition, bearing the marks of its history through some damage, repairs, and wear, which only adds to its authenticity and value as a collectible.

Hand-painted movie posters like this one played a crucial role in the mobile cinema phenomenon of the 1980s in Ghana, making them not just art pieces but historical artifacts.

Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of African cinematic history. Please see photos for more details on its condition.

This Ghanaian hand-painted movie poster captures the intense action and drama of the 1988 Hong Kong film "Tiger Cage" (Sure Fire). With its vivid colors and dynamic compositions, this poster embodies the unique artistic expression found in these hand-crafted artworks, celebrated for their creativity and rarity.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Hand-painted movie posters from Ghana are not merely advertisements but are considered significant pieces of art, crafted on recycled flour sacks by local artists. These posters were born out of the mobile cinema phenomenon in Ghana during the 1980s, serving as a unique promotional tool for films shown across the country. Each poster is a unique expression of the artist, often featuring exaggerated scenes to attract viewers. Their vibrant nature and historical significance have made them highly collectible, showcasing the ingenuity and cultural richness of Ghanaian artistry.

Film Information

Tiger Cage (Sure Fire)

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Yuen Woo-ping
  • Cast: Simon Yam, Carol Cheng, Jacky Cheung, Irene Wan, Donnie Yen, and others.
  • Plot: The film revolves around a team of cops in the Anti-Drug Unit of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force, navigating through betrayal, revenge, and moral dilemmas as they uncover corruption within their ranks.

"Tiger Cage", directed by Yuen Woo-ping, is a gritty action film that delves into the complexities of loyalty and justice within the confines of the law. With a stellar cast including Simon Yam and Donnie Yen, the film's intense narrative and action sequences make it a standout piece of Hong Kong cinema. The intricate plot and dynamic character relationships drive the narrative forward, culminating in a thrilling yet somber conclusion that leaves a lasting impact.

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