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TROY MOVIE POSTER : Authentic Hand-Painted in Ghana by LEONARDO

TROY MOVIE POSTER : Authentic Hand-Painted in Ghana by LEONARDO

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TROY movie poster - Authentic Hand-Painted in Ghana

Capture the essence of cinematic history with this authentic hand-painted movie poster of TROY, crafted by the renowned Ghanaian artist "LEONARDO" for ZAAP Video. Originating from the vibrant heart of Ghana, West Africa, this piece represents a unique blend of art and cinema, painted on recycled canvas made from used flour sacks.

Size: 62 1/4" x 42 1/2" (158 cm x 108 cm). 

Condition: In good condition, with some damages, and few repairs, in some places the paint is off, and signs of wear in the artwork due to usage. Please see the photos.

Each stroke tells a story of its journey, from being a crucial advertising tool for mobile cinemas to becoming a treasured collectible.

Don't miss out on owning a piece of African cinematic art that has not only been exhibited in museums worldwide but also offers a glimpse into the ingenious creativity of Ghana's mobile cinema culture. Please refer to the photos for a closer look at the condition.

The hand-painted movie poster of "Troy" is a vibrant portrayal of the epic historical war film. Crafted on recycled flour sacks, it reflects the film's intense battle scenes and key characters such as Achilles, Hector, and Helen, utilizing vivid colors and dramatic compositions unique to Ghanaian artistry.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of local artists. Originating in the 1980s with the advent of mobile cinema, these posters were used to advertise upcoming films in villages and towns. Painted on recycled flour sacks, each piece is a unique artwork, reflecting the artist's interpretation of the movie. The tradition not only served a practical purpose but also evolved into a highly collectible form of authentic African art, celebrated worldwide for its cultural and artistic significance​.

Film Information

"Troy" (2004)

  • Director: Wolfgang Petersen
  • Cast: Brad Pitt (Achilles), Eric Bana (Hector), Orlando Bloom (Paris), Diane Kruger (Helen), Brian Cox (Agamemnon), Sean Bean (Odysseus), Brendan Gleeson (Menelaus), Peter O'Toole (Priam), and others.
  • Plot: Set in 1250 BC, "Troy" recounts the decade-long Trojan War, sparked by Prince Paris of Troy's abduction of Helen, Queen of Sparta. The film narrates the Greek kingdoms' siege on Troy, focusing on the legendary figures such as Achilles and Hector, and culminates in the famed Sack of Troy through the deceitful Trojan Horse .

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