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THE NORSEMAN Movie poster: Original Hand-Painted Ghanaian Art

THE NORSEMAN Movie poster: Original Hand-Painted Ghanaian Art

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THE NORSEMAN ACTION - Authentic Ghanaian Hand-Painted Movie Poster

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of African cinema with this authentic, hand-painted movie poster for THE NORSEMAN, brought to life by the renowned Ghanaian artist, BUSH DOCTOR. Originating from the unique cinematic culture of Ghana, where artists depict film stories on recycled canvas, this piece embodies the essence of African artistry and cinema.

Size: 65" x 42" (165 cm x 107 cm)

Condition: This original artwork is in good condition, showcasing the natural wear and patina from its journey and use, including minor damages, repairs, and small-sized holes that add to its authentic charm. For a closer look at its detailed craftsmanship and condition, please refer to the accompanying photos.

Each poster from this collection is a unique testament to the film it represents, and THE NORSEMAN is no exception, offering a rare glimpse into the storytelling and artistic freedom cherished in Ghanaian movie poster art.

This hand-painted movie poster encapsulates the essence of "The Norseman," a 1978 American adventure film. The artistic representation of recycled flour sacks vividly portrays the Viking era's adventurous spirit, making it a unique collectible item.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a unique form of art, stemming from an ingenious advertising method for mobile cinemas in Ghana during the 1980s. These posters, painted on recycled flour sacks, are not just advertisements but vibrant artworks that represent a fusion of movie culture and local artistic creativity. The posters often feature exaggerated scenes for visual impact, making each one a distinctive piece of art. This tradition highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Ghanaian artists, making these posters highly collectible and appreciated in art circles worldwide.

Film Information

The Norseman (1978)

  • Director: Charles B. Pierce
  • Cast: Lee Majors (Thorvald), Cornel Wilde (Ragnar), Mel Ferrer (King Eurich), Jack Elam (Death Dreamer), and others.
  • Plot: An 11th-century Viking prince embarks on a perilous journey to North America to find his father, who was captured by Native Americans during a previous expedition.

Detailed Internet-Sourced Information

"The Norseman," directed, produced, and written by Charles B. Pierce, is a tale of adventure and courage as a Viking prince sails to unknown lands to rescue his father. The cast includes notable actors such as Lee Majors and Cornel Wilde, bringing this epic story to life with their performances.

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