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Authentic 5 Shaolin Masters Hand-Painted Poster from Ghana

Authentic 5 Shaolin Masters Hand-Painted Poster from Ghana

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5 Shaolin Masters - Authentic Hand-Painted Movie Poster

Crafted with passion and vibrancy, this authentic hand-painted movie poster from Ghana captures the dynamic essence of the martial arts classic 5 Shaolin Masters. Painted by renowned artist "PAPAWARSTI" for NAME VIDEO, this piece of art is a testament to the rich cinematic history of Ghana's mobile cinema.

Size:63 1/2" x 43 3/4" (161 cm x 111 cm)

Condition: This unique artwork is in very good condition, despite slight wear and paint loss in areas, which adds to its authenticity and history. Please see photos for details.

Embrace the charm of traditional African artistry with this stunning, collectible piece from West Africa.

This vibrant hand-painted movie poster captures the essence of the 1974 martial arts film "5 Shaolin Masters". The dynamic artwork, painted on recycled flour sacks, reflects the intense action and drama of the film, showcasing the unique style of Ghanaian movie poster art.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Hand-painted movie posters from Ghana represent a significant artistic tradition that began in the 1980s. Local artists use these posters to visually interpret films for the promotion in mobile cinemas across Ghana. Each poster is unique, painted on recycled materials and serves as a cultural artifact, reflecting both the cinematic and artistic heritage of Ghana.

Film Information

5 Shaolin Masters (1974)

  • Director: Chang Cheh
  • Cast: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Chi Kuan-Chun, and others
  • Plot: The film narrates the story of five survivors from the destruction of the Shaolin Temple who must learn unique martial arts skills to seek revenge against their betrayers during the Qing Dynasty.

The film is directed by Chang Cheh, known for his significant influence on the martial arts genre. "5 Shaolin Masters" is notable for its vibrant fight scenes and minimal dialogue, focusing heavily on the action choreography​.

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