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Authentic 'FOUR DRAGONS MARTIAL ARTS' Hand Painted Movie Poster

Authentic 'FOUR DRAGONS MARTIAL ARTS' Hand Painted Movie Poster

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Authentic Ghanaian Hand Painted Movie Poster: "FOUR DRAGONS MARTIAL ARTS"

Experience the raw, vibrant artistry of Ghana with this hand-painted movie poster titled "FOUR DRAGONS MARTIAL ARTS," meticulously crafted by the renowned artist 'LEONARDO' for ZAAP Video Club. This piece embodies the rich cultural tapestry of West African cinematic expression.

Size: 55 1/2" x 43" (141 cm x 109 cm)

Condition: In average condition, in many places and paint is off, and some wear in the artwork due to usage. This poster shows signs of its adventurous life, with some areas of paint loss and general wear, echoing the historical journey of these artworks across Ghana. Please review the photos for a detailed inspection.

Ghanaian movie posters are not just promotional materials but are regarded as unique pieces of art that have been displayed in museums worldwide. Each poster is a one-of-a-kind creation, reflecting the artist's personal vision and interpretations of the film, painted on recycled canvas materials such as sewn-together flour sacks.

Add this collectible artwork to your collection and own a piece of Ghana's mobile cinema history. It's a vivid piece that not only enhances any room but also tells the story of a once-thriving outdoor cinema culture in Ghana.

This vibrant hand-painted movie poster for "Four Dragons" reflects the dynamic and energetic essence of this martial arts film. The bold colors and dramatic compositions are characteristic of Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters, which are created on recycled flour sacks by local artists.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are not just promotional materials but are pieces of art that represent a unique cultural heritage of Ghana. Initially developed to advertise mobile cinema screenings, these posters are known for their vivid imagery and creativity, often painted on recycled materials by talented local artists.

Film Information

"Four Dragons" (2008)

  • Genre: Action, Martial Arts
  • Director: C.L. Hor
  • Cast: David Bao, Michael Chin, Robin Ho, Zulkifli Ismail
  • Plot: The film tells the story of 19th-century Chinese immigrants in Malaysia using the ancient power of Wushu to fight against oppressive forces in a battle of good versus evil.

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