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TRIPLE IMPACT ACTION - Original Ghanaian Hand-Painted Movie Poster

TRIPLE IMPACT ACTION - Original Ghanaian Hand-Painted Movie Poster

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TRIPLE IMPACT ACTION - Authentic Hand-Painted Ghanaian Movie Poster

Poster Details

Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of African cinema with this authentic, hand-painted movie poster from Ghana, West Africa. Created for BOMBAY Video Club, this artwork encapsulates the essence of the action-packed film "TRIPLE IMPACT ACTION".

Crafted on recycled canvas, this piece stands as a testament to the unique artistic tradition of Ghanaian cinema advertising, where each poster is a one-of-a-kind expression of the artist's vision. Despite its journey, marked by a few holes, repairs, and signs of wear, it carries the soul of its heritage proudly.

  • Size: 59 1/2" x 41" (151 cm x 104 cm).
  • Condition: Good, with authentic wear and tear reflecting its history.

Own a piece of African cinematic history with this hand-painted poster, exhibited in museums worldwide and highly collectible. See photos for a closer look at its unique character.

The vibrant and dynamic hand-painted movie poster of "Triple Impact" showcases the thrilling essence of the 1992 martial arts film. Crafted by skilled Ghanaian artists, the poster's vivid colors and bold illustrations capture the viewer's attention, highlighting the action-packed adventure that awaits.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a unique and valuable form of African art, stemming from the need to advertise mobile cinema screenings across Ghana. Utilizing recycled flour sacks as canvas, local artists bring films to life with their imaginative interpretations, often adding their own creative twists to the depicted scenes. These posters not only serve as promotional material but also as distinctive artworks, reflecting Ghana's rich cultural heritage and the ingenuity of its artists.

Film Information

Triple Impact (1992)

  • Director: David Hung
  • Main Cast: Dale Cook as Dave Masters, Ron Hall as James Stokes, and Bridgett Riley as Julie Webb
  • Plot: The film spins an enthralling tale of adventure and martial arts action. Set initially during the Vietnam War, it follows the journey of three commandos who stumble upon a cave harboring a golden Buddha. Twenty years later, the narrative shifts focus to two con artists, Dave and James, who, along with Dave's girlfriend Julie, embark on a perilous quest in Cambodia to retrieve the treasure, all while being pursued by the ruthless McMann and his henchmen.

For an in-depth exploration of the "Triple Impact" movie, including its intriguing plot and dynamic characters, visit AllMovie and IMDb.

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