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Old African Tuareg leather tent panel found in Niger Sahara

Old African Tuareg leather tent panel found in Niger Sahara

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Authentic Tuareg Leather Wall Panel

Experience the richness of Tuareg craftsmanship with this authentic wall panel. Composed of vibrantly dyed leather strips and fringes, it beautifully showcases traditional Tuareg geometric designs.

Features & Details

  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Each panel is hand-painted, engraved, embroidered, and made with utmost precision.
  • Traditional Utility: Primarily used as dividers or screens within tents, they also add a decorative element to the tent's interior.
  • Condition: The panel has been well-preserved. However, signs of wear, damages, and some repairs, a testament to its history, are visible. Please refer to the accompanying photos for a closer look.
  • Dimensions: The panel, including its characteristic leather fringe (as shown in the primary photo), measures 25" (63 cm) in height and 16" (40 cm) in width.
  • Found in Niger, West Africa.

About Tuareg Artistry

The Tuareg community is renowned for its distinctive leather-based art forms. From this wall panel to ornate jewelry, saddle accessories, and hand-forged swords, their creations are a testament to their rich cultural heritage. As leading exporters and retailers, we are proud to bring you a piece of genuine African art.

The Legacy of the Tuareg

The term 'Tuareg' encapsulates diverse groups bound by a shared language and history. Their legacy in trans-Saharan trade, marked by camel caravans, persisted until the 20th century when modern transportation took precedence. The journey of goods shifted from the Sahara's edge to European shores via trains. With roots tracing back to northern Africa, as documented by Herodotus, the Tuaregs, over centuries, migrated southwards. Today, they predominantly reside in cities near the Sahara, the ancient trading hubs of western Africa. While influenced by Islam, they maintain a distinct identity, separate from Arabic culture.

Locations of Influence

Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali.

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