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TO BE THE BEST - Genuine Ghanaian Hand-Painted Martial Arts Poster

TO BE THE BEST - Genuine Ghanaian Hand-Painted Martial Arts Poster

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TO BE THE BEST - Authentic Hand-Painted Ghanaian Martial Arts Movie Poster

Discover the vibrancy of African cinema through "TO BE THE BEST," a genuine hand-painted movie poster created by the renowned Ghanaian artist, ARMAHSCO. Originating from the heart of Ghana, West Africa, this piece embodies the spirited essence of martial arts and action-packed storytelling. Crafted on recycled canvas, this artwork stands as a testament to the unique tradition of Ghanaian mobile cinema advertising.

Size: 59 3/4" x 38 1/4" (152 cm x 97 cm)

Condition: This poster is in good condition, showcasing the life it has lived through some paint loss and wear, adding to its authentic charm. Please refer to the photos for a closer look at its detailed patina.

Embrace a piece of African cinematic history with "TO BE THE BEST," a collectible that not only decorates your space but also carries the legacy of Ghanaian artistry and the mobile cinema culture.

This vibrant hand-painted movie poster captures the dynamic essence of "To Be The Best," reflecting the high-stakes world of kickboxing. The use of bold colors and dramatic compositions exemplifies the intense rivalry and determination depicted in the movie, showcasing the unique artistry of Ghanaian poster painting.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Ghanaian hand-painted movie posters are a significant cultural artifact, originating in the 1980s with the advent of mobile cinema in Ghana. Artists used recycled flour sacks as canvases, creating unique and striking posters to attract audiences to screenings held in various locations, from local clubs to open-air settings. These posters not only served as advertising tools but also as a form of artistic expression, with artists having the freedom to reinterpret movie scenes in their own imaginative styles. Today, these posters are celebrated worldwide for their artistic and cultural value, embodying the creativity and resilience of Ghanaian artists.

Film Information

  • Director: Joseph Merhi
  • Cast: Michael Worth, Martin Kove, Phillip Troy Linger, Brittney Powell
  • Plot: A member of the U.S. kickboxing team enlists his father and teammates to thwart a gambler's scheme to fix the World Kickboxing Championship in Las Vegas.

Directed by Joseph Merhi, "To Be The Best" is an action-packed film that delves into the competitive world of kickboxing. With a compelling cast led by Michael Worth, Martin Kove, Phillip Troy Linger, and Brittney Powell, the movie narrates the journey of a kickboxing team's fight against corruption and their quest for glory in the heart of Las Vegas. This cinematic piece exemplifies determination, teamwork, and the spirit of competition, making it a thrilling watch.

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